What is CUKCUK?

CUKCUK is the   Cloud-based Restaurant Management Platform   that helps restaurants to get   real-time reports , take mobile ordering, payment, manage kitchen processing, inventory, purchasing, … On the other hand, it encompasses a range of solutions – including marketing, customer experience management, HRM, …

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Specialized For

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    More than POS for your Food and Beverage Business

     Access real-time reports from anywhere

  • Achieve real-time revenue, profit, cost, inventory, promotion,...

  • Comparative sales reports by time, items, staffs,.........

  • Make an in-time business decision if you are on the go with the Mobile optimized application(Android, IOS)


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  Automate the workflow to save labor cost

  • Tableside ordering on mobile, which minimize errors and provide customers the impeccable experience

  • Track the kitchen processing, reducing the waiting time

  • Fast and accurate payment on flexible devices such as mobile, tablet, POS, …


Tightly control Loss

  • Automatically compare between bills and orders, check bills and Kitchen ticket issues to detect differences

  • Check the cancellation of dishes and orders to avoid cheating

  • Measure and forecast the number of required ingredients to purchase just in time 

  • Compare the actual use of ingredients with measurement to reduce waste 

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Right the customer satisfaction

  • Integrated with the digital membership management system helps to redeem points and rewards

  • Notify the special sale or e-voucher to the specific customers

  • Expand the ordering channels, which attract new customers and increase the return rate

  • Get real-time reports and insights

  • Save printing cost

Manage the multi-branches on your fingertip

  • Centralize information from all branches to generate more than 40 real-time comparative reports and analytics

  • Manage different types of restaurant in one domain

  • Completely control over stock levels in each branch with automatically updated General account of input-output – inventory on mobile phone for transferring decision

  • Take initiative at recording cash-in/cash-out status at anytime

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List of the Smart Features

                                                                                               Always update F&B trend

After purchasing engagement tool

Unforget notifying the special sale to you customers to increase chances of cross-selling

Selling more customers on more channels

Get real-time reports and insights

Save cost but effectively

Real-times show the total of items and dishes to cook, which reduces processing time and wasting ingredients

Present the different color for dine-in/take-away/delivery orders, make it easy to classify and package the dishes, minimize errors

Reduce customer waiting time and bring the impeccable experience

Receiptionist robot, Digital Assistant,........


Monitor the waiting time and list of processed/processing dishes of each other

Automatically suggest side dishes, special dishes, best sellers features to upsell

 Automatic stock issuing based on selling history

Why more than 30,000 customers all over the world accompanied with us?